Saint Gobain Badge Mounting Polyethylene Tape – V3130B/18

V3130B/18 – Badge Mounting Tape
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Saint Gobain Badge Mounting Polyethylene Tape – V3130B/18.

V3130 SERIES — Combined good tack and high shear Polyethelne mounting tape.

High performing acrylic adhesive tape, providing high final strength, excellent adhesion and shear performance with good temperature resistance. The product has been designed for both internal and external permanent applications on a wide range of surfaces, including glass, aluminium, plastic coatings, painted surfaces.

Norbond® V3130 is an ideal choice for severe exterior mounting applications, such as automotive ornamentation. The foam is a high quality polyethylene with excellent dimensional tolerances and good elongation, a high degree of colour stability and excellent key to the adhesive surface. The thickness and density available offer higher internal strength, shear performance and temperature resistance.

The acrylic adhesive combines good tack with excellent peel performance and shear for high loading. Norbond V3130 offers high resistance to many chemicals and solvents and has a wide service temperature range even when loaded. The product is generally available as both black and white double
sided tape in 0.5 to 1.5 mm thickness, protected by either a siliconised paper or filmic liner.

Additional information


18mm X 0.8mm X 100m


Black, White


• Automotive emblems. • Approved to PSA B141835 • Designed to suit wide range of surfaces and applications. • High load mounting. • High temperature range.


• Acrylic adhesive provides excellent shear, whilst maintaining good tack performance. • Conformable PE foam offering high elongation and internal strength. • Developed to provide wide range of performance characteristics.


• The product must be stored in its original packaging in a clean, dry, well-ventilated area and under these conditions; the shelf life will be a minimum of 12 months. • To promote an adequate bond, the two surfaces must be clean and dry; cleaning with a mixture of 50/50 water and IPA has been found to be adequate. Low temperatures at the time of application may increase the possibility of condensation on the surface, which will reduce the final bond strength. • The adhesive is pressure sensitive, we therefore recommend the application to be carried out at a minimum of 15°C with as high a pressure as your process allows (a minimum of 1 Bar pressure is Recommended).

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