Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape 50mmX20m- AS205GIDS20/50 Black with Luminous Strip

AS205GIDS20/50-Black Glow in Dark with Strip
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AS205GIDS20/50 – Glow in the Dark Black with Luminous Strip

Anti-Slip Tape helps reduce the risk of slips, trips and is durable for indoor and outdoor uses. Works well on dark stairs, entry ways, ladders and concrete. Our tape can be used on rough or smooth surfaces.

In the event of a power outage, it is important that areas such as exits, stairs and (lowered) lintels remain clearly visible.

Our Anti Slip Tapes help to assure solid footing and sure traction, even in wet conditions on floors, aisles and stairwells.

During the day this tape functions as standard anti-slip tape, in the dark it lights up and provides sufficient light to prevent danger at thresholds and to clearly indicate outputs.

The tape is suitable for applications on stairwells, industrial environments, in and outdoors. The tape adheres to clean, dry surfaces without creasing, curling, tearing or loosening and therefore guarantees a long service life.

Easy peel and stick application for quick and economical compliance with OSHA standards.

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50mm x 20m




PVC Based 60-Grit Aluminum Oxide


1. Make sure surface where tape is to be applied is cleaned properly, it must be free of any dust, oil, grime or residue. 2. Surface must be completely dry. 3. Cut tape to required length. 4. Remove backing paper, exposing the adhesive. 5. Apply tape to required clean and dry surface area. 6. Use rubber roller or mallet to firmly press tape to the surface to ensure maximum adhesion. 7. Apply pressure to tape.

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