HDPE 80gms Orange Barrier Netting – HDPEOBN

HDPEOBN – HDPE 80gms Orange Barrier Netting
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HDPE 80gms Orange Barrier Netting – HDPEOBN

HDPE 80gms Orange high visibility barrier fencing and safety mesh, protects workers and people from potential hazards as they provide a visual warning due to their bright colours and prevents access to unauthorised areas.

It is a cost effective systems, that is mobile, light weight, flexible, weather durable and can be erected in minutes. These safety barriers fencing and safety mesh systems are suitable for use when cordoning off areas on construction sites, roadworks, for restricted access areas, crowd control and sporting events. It keeps debris out and can easily be fastened to a barrier with cable ties and / or rope or wire.

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1m X 50m




Style: High visibility bright orange, with 100mm x 40mm holes Colour: High visibility bright orange Material: HDPE (High density polyethylene) Length of roll: 50 meters Height : 1m


Barrier Fencing, packed in a polybag and sold as an individual roll


Usually lasts 3-5years. Inspect condition of netting and mesh. When ripped, torn or worn out, replace netting.

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