Collapsible Emergency Warning Triangle- R2880M

R2880M Large Heavy Duty Warning Triangle
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R2880M – Collapsible Emergency Warning Triangle with Steel Base and Carry Case.

The Emergency Warning Triangle consist of a solid retro-reflective lens outer strip and flexible fluorescent material inner strip. It has four metal legs covered with plastic caps at the end to increase friction on ground surface for better grip. The Triangle is collapsible and is therefor stored easily and safely in a protective box.

The Emergency Warning Triangle carries an E-Mark E4-27R-032738. The E-Mark documentation is available upon request. The E-Mark complies and is used in accordance with Government Gazetted Compulsory Road Traffic Regulation 214.

The Emergency Warning Triangle is quick and easy to set up. It has a solid steel stand that will not blow over. The Triangle is essential for all motorists to use once an accident occurred or a vehicle broke down, place the large emergency warning triangle on the road to alert on coming drivers to proceed with caution.

Emergency warning triangles can be used for road construction, trailers, to indicate goods overhanging on a vehicle, tractors and maintenance vehicles to keep passengers safe and caution oncoming drivers.

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430mm x 430mm x 430mm




Large Heavy Duty Warning Triangle has a reflective effect about 150-200 meters. Orange Plastic Reflective Material has reliable long-lasting reflective characteristics. Metal Base consists of 4 bottom carrier metal brackets with rubber mat bits on ends. These metal brackets are flexible, easy to use and stable. These metal brackets open 90 degrees each. The rubber mat bits at the end of the metal bracket increases friction between the bracket and the road. Metal Rivets are inserted between the connections of the emergency triangle parts to improve robustness and durability. Large Heavy Duty Warning Triangle do not require any screws, it has a clip design that "snaps" into place with ease. The Large Heavy Duty Warning Triangle comes with its own convenient plastic storage box which protects the triangle against ware and tear, it also allows for quick & easy set up.


20 Triangles per box – standard Can be sold individually

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