Avery Dennison Prismatic Engineering Grade- T-2500/50 White

T-2500/50-White Engineering Grade Tape
Min Qty: 1 Roll



T-2500/50 – White Prismatic Engineering Grade – 7 Year Product – SANS Class1.

Avery Dennison® T-2500 Series Prismatic Engineering Grade Retroreflective Film for permanent and temporary traffic signage, is a high-quality, durable, microprismatic retroreflective material with a pressure sensitive adhesive. Its unique microprismatic construction provides a high
level of retroreflectivity for demanding traffic control situations.

T-2500 Series sheeting is an OmniDirectional microprismatic film that incorporates tiles of microprisms arranged in multiple orientations. This feature – “Smart at Every Angle” benefits agencies by providing confidence that all signs will perform with uniform visual reflectivity at all
sign face orientations.

This product is available in:
White (T-2500/50)
Yellow (T-2501/50)
Blue (T-2505/50)
Green (T-2507/50)
Red (T-2508/50)

Additional information


50mm X 45.72m




Orientation: Omni-Directional Durability: 7 years Vertical Exposure Only Face: High-Gloss Acrylic Retroreflective Film with Microprisms Adhesive: Permanent Pressure Sensitive Liner: Polypropylene Film


Omni-Directional Field proven long term durability on safety devices worldwide Economical choice for non-critical signs Uniform daytime and nighttime visual appearance


Rigid Permanent and Temporary Outdoor Signage Rigid Work Zone Devices


T-2500 may be converted in signs using the following methods: Screen Printing Traffic Products Thermal Transfer Printing Solvent Based Inkjet Printing Mild/Eco Solvent Inkjet Printing UV Inkjet Printing Thermal Die-Cut Flat Bed Sign-Cut Drum Roller Sign-Cut Steel Rule Sign-Cut

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